• Our take on the classic cream ale offering a medium body and creamy mouthfeel with a subtle residual sweetness. Just a little bit of influence from hops so don’t worry if you don’t like hoppy beers. This is a sessionable beer that is perfect for the new explorer of craft beers and one of our favorite go-to beers. 5.1% ABV; 15 IBU
  • A fruity variation of our Sassy Saison, Always Sassy has lots of Apricots added which blends the tart and sweet from the apricots with the saison base. There is a great blend of flavors and aromas from this saison. A bit more alcohol contributed by a bit more malts and the loads of apricots. 6.5% ABV; 20 IBU
  • This American Porter has a rich and creamy mouthfeel with a dryer finish. As it warms up in your hands, you can better smell and taste the chocolate malt. A great beer to sit back and enjoy on those cold winter days. 5.7% ABV; 29 IBU
  • One of our New England Style IPAs, this ale is hopped with Mosaic, Azacca, and Citra hops at a rate of almost five pounds of hops per barrel! It presents with a a nice head and a little bit of haze and not too much bitterness but rather a tartness and residual juiciness from the hops. The IBUs are low even though this beer is loaded with hops. 6.8% ABV; IBU: tons of hop aroma and flavors
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